Tropical Romance in Puerto Rico

We have been looking forward to sharing this lovely tropical beach wedding that took place in Puerto Rico. I love the beauty, love and emotion that was captured in the images, telling of their wonderful day, and photographed by the talented Rebekah Murray Photography. The coral color palette and the outdoor patio reception goes perfectly with the relaxed beach ambiance.
rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-001 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-002 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-003 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-004 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-005 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-006 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-007 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-008 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-009 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-010 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-011 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-012 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-013 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-014 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-015 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-016 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-017 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-018 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-019 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-020 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-021 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-022 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-023 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-024 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-025 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-026 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-027 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-028 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-029 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-030 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-031 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-032 rebekah-j-murray-photography-gran-melia-rio-grande-puerto-rico-033

Wedding Location: Rio Grande, Puerto Rico / Photographer: Rebekah Murray / Wedding Planning and Flowers: Creating Weddings Group / Resort Location: Gran Melia Rio Grande / Ceremony and Reception Venue: Hacienda Siesta Alegre / Wedding Dress: Junko Yoshioka / Wedding Veil: Ann Leslie Designs / Wedding Shoes: Jimmy Choo / Bride’s Necklace: Gemma Redux / Groom’s Suit: Michael Andrews Bespoke / Wedding Caterer: Chef Marisoll / Dessert Table: Various caterers coordinated and tasted by Creating Weddings Group / Wedding Invitations: Bride

Romantic Paris Wedding in France

We are absolutely loving this stunning and very romantic Paris wedding, captured by the talented Rebecca Yale Portraits! Every image is so breathtaking and perfect! I could sit and look at this wedding all day long! Be sure to also read about the inspiration that helped in creating all these amazing images below.
rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-001 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-002 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-003 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-004 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-005 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-006 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-007 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-008 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-009 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-010 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-011 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-012 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-013 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-014 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-015 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-016 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-017 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-018 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-019 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-020 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-021 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-022 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-023 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-024 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-025 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-026 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-027 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-028 rebecca-yale-portraits-angelina-pari-france-029
From Vanessa & Caroline – Créatrices de MariagesRebecca and I came together to create a beautiful inspiration editorial for a chic Parisian elopement. Even though we live and work in Paris we don’t have a lot of opportunities to do a typical Parisian shoot. Paris is an endless source of inspiration. The city is so magical and romantic, we are never tired of seeing the Eiffel Tower or the streets of Montmartre. Everything in Paris from the cafés to the streets and buildings has a romantic touch everywhere you look. We wanted to style this elopement as a romantic escape in Paris: rose poudré, French roses, croquembouche from the famous Angelina, the streets of Montmarte – all the ingredients to a perfect and glamorous elopement in Paris. With this in mind, it made perfect sense start our day at the Eiffel Tower which is a stunning backdrop and takes our breath away every time. There is nothing quite as iconic as La Tour Eiffel and is the perfect spot to say intimate “I do’s.”

The second Parisian place we absolutely wanted to take pictures at was Angelina’s. Perfectly located on the Rue de Rivoli with its grand arches, this famous French pastry boutique and tea room is an institution in Paris, the symbol of the Parisian “art de vivre” for more than a century. It was Coco Chanel’s favorite place for her morning cappuccino. She used to come to Angelina every day while she was living at Le Meurice next door and sit at the same table. Angelina is launching a new collection of French wedding cakes and the chef created a masterpiece for us – the gorgeous and classic croquembouche. Next we took a stroll in Montmartre strolling down the cobblestone streets, perfect for lovers who want to take a quiet moment and discover Paris. Michaël Leal created a classic French bridal bouquet with French roses (Pierre de Ronsard), whites and blush pinks for a romantic touch. He also staged the croquembouche from Angelina’s, showing how classic Parisian flowers can add another layer of elegance to a dessert table. The delicacy and softness of the flowers added a classical yet lovely touch to the cake. The gorgeous bride with her elaborate and romantic updo wore a lovely couture wedding dress by Parisian designer Christophe-Alexandre Docquin paired with stunning Chanel earrings as another nod to classic Parisian elegance and grace. In true Parisian style we combined a classic Parisian designer with a fabulous new one for a romantic and grand wedding getaway in Paris.

Photography: Rebecca Yale Portraits | Wedding Planner/Stylist: Vanessa & Caroline – Créatrices De Mariages | Floral Design: Michaël Leal | Wedding Gown: Christophe Alexandre Docquin | Stationery: Wedding Paper Divas | Venue and Wedding Cake: Angelina Paris  | Hair Stylist: Ciara Costenoble Coiffure | Make Up Artist: Charles Gillman Cosmetics Paris | Ring Designer: Swarovski | Jewelry: Chanel