French Inspired Lavender Field Engagement Shoot

We have a very dreamy and romantic engagement session from destination wedding photographer, Sandra Aberg, to share with you all today. This french inspired theme was so perfectly put together, with lovely vintage heirlooms and lots of luscious lavender! Here are a few special details about how the session came together, written by the bride herself, Johanna.

Shortly after David proposed in Rome our thoughts turned to our wedding. We wanted it to reflect us, our love for each other and our interests, but also our gratitude to our families and friends. We simply wanted to make a big celebration of love. Therefore the theme “A Love Story”, which will be a recurring theme during the day, will be the feel in all the decorations.”
“We chose Sandra Åberg as a photographer for the session because we love her amazing way to capture the atmosphere, light and the romance her photos exude.
The tea cups in beautiful pastel colors that I inherited from my grandmother came in handy to have on the little table as we sat in front of the field in full bloom. Macaroons and my now empty box from Ladurée in Paris were like icing on the cake. I’m very fond of hydrangeas and so we put some in flour pitchers and in a wooden box given to me by my grandfather.”
“Other details that we had were the old letters which I tied together with a beautiful ribbon. The idea to have the letters came to both David and I, as we are interested in poetry, beautiful words and literature. We wanted to incorporate fine poetic pieces about love, and to have them in the table setting and contribute to our theme “A love story.” We found a large box of 100 year old letters at a flea market and were immediately hooked!” Everything worked out perfectly!
Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-001 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-002 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-003 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-004 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-005 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-006 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-007 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-008 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-009 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-010 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-011 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-012 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-013 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-014 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-015 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-016 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-017 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-018 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-019
Photography: Sandra Aberg Photography // Styling: Johanna and Sandra