Wedding Veils and Bridal Headpieces by the Talented Jannie Baltzer


I love the lightness of Scandinavian nature & design and was inspired to combine the natural elements and beauty of a Swedish summer with a honeymoon feel. I imagined a couple Celebrating their wedding or honeymoon – just the two of them having the most wonderful time, feeling free, laughing and celebrating love. My 2016 collection is quite rustic with lots of texture and opulent Preciosa crystals, but still has a very light feel and it fits perfectly into the Scandinavian style. We were so lucky to shoot at Ystad Saltsjöbad – a very exclusive spa in Sweden where the feeling of wedding and Honeymoon was just perfect. This year’s collection is a tribute to Scandinavian style, lightness and design – simple yet with a boho feel.
jannie_baltzer_headpieces_001 jannie_baltzer_headpieces_002 jannie_baltzer_headpieces_003 jannie_baltzer_headpieces_004 jannie_baltzer_headpieces_005 jannie_baltzer_headpieces_006 jannie_baltzer_headpieces_007 jannie_baltzer_headpieces_008
Headpieces and Veils: Jannie Baltzer | Photographer: Sandra Aberg | Hair and Makeup: Mia Jeppson | Dresses: Yolan Cris | Rings: Ole Lynggaard | Location: Ystad Saltsjöbad Sweden

Dress Designer – Sareh Nouri

For this collection Sareh pulled elements and inspiration from her Persian heritage. A history rich in art that is defined by detailed designs and patterns visualized in its mosaics, calligraphy, miniature paintings and intricate weaving. “The fabrics, laces and patterns that I selected and designed for this collection are reminiscent of an ancient, yet modern artistic culture” said Sareh Nouri. From the layering of sophisticated laces to the long dramatic trains, each dress in the collection lends itself to detail, intricacy and romance with the use of long lace sleeves, dramatically detailed backs and elegant embellishments. The collection stays true to its mission of light-weight and ultra-luxurious gowns, each with impeccable structure and fit with a built-in bustier, entirely hand-sewn in the U.S.A. Sareh Nouri’s exquisite Fall 2016 collection captures the essence of chic luxury inspired by traditional design, directly reflecting the designer herself and her Persian heritage, further setting her apart as a leader in the fashion industry.
Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_001 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_002 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_003 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_004 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_005 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_006 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_007 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_008 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_009 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_010 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_011 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_012 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_013 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_014 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_015 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_016 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_017 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_018 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_020 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_022 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_023 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_024 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_025 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_026 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_027 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_028 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_029Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_031 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_032 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_033 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_035 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_036 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_037 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_038 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_039 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_040 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_041 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_042 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_043 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_044 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_045 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_046 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_047 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_048 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_049 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_050 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_051 Sareh_Nouri_FALL_2016_Collection_052

Gowns & veils: Sareh Nouri | Photography: By Millie B Photography | Headpieces: Jennifer Behr | Makeup: Nicck Townsend | Hair: Mackstylist |  Floral: Laura Clare