Beautiful Wedding in Lancaster Pennsylvania

This gorgeous wedding captured by the lovely Caroline Logan Photography is full of ruffles, lace, roses, and pearls. I just love the soft pink color palette, the little touches of blue, and of course, the rustic and vintage details throughout it all. Does it get any prettier? Wait until you see her very unusual and unique wedding ring! Amazing! Be sure to take a look at the bride and grooms chairs at the reception too. Love the fabric on those! You can also read the wonderfully sweet story below, about how the wedding couple met and fell in love.
caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-001 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-002 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-003 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-004 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-005 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-006 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-007 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-008 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-009 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-010 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-011 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-012 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-013 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-014 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-015 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-016 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-017 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-018 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-019 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-020 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-021 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-022 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-023 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-024 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-025 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-026 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-027 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-028 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-029 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-030 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-031 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-032 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-033 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-034 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-035 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-036 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-037 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-038 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-039


Brett + Becky

It was during the summer that she spontaneously made plans to spend twelve days in Spain visiting friends at a discipleship school she had previously attended. The summer that changed everything… in the most wonderful and glorious way possible. It was upon Becky’s arrival to Spain and days into the trip that she found herself meeting and getting to know the friendly, kindhearted man known as Brett McConnell. Both oblivious to what was happening in their hearts, they found themselves constantly drawn to the other throughout the week, sharing sweet and deep conversations and talking for hours on end. With just three days left before Becky was set to leave, Brett, who called New Mexico home, knew he had to act fast before this captivating woman slipped from his grasp in the form of a flight to her home in Pennsylvania. That very day he shared with her his desire to pursue a relationship with her.

The following day, they roamed a small town of Southern Spain for their first date, walking the cobblestone streets and exploring everything this charming town offered. After a day of adventure, they sat side by side, taking in a magnificent sunset together overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. As if this wasn’t enough of a fairytale beginning to their love story, they eventually heard stomping and realized there was flamenco dancers in the evening streets nearby. Later, as they continued to walk through the town, they came to another overlook where they could see the city lights twinkling below and a fireworks show going off in the distance. “So lost in each other, so smitten, and so overwhelmed by the goodness of the Lord” is the only way they could begin to find words to describe that magical evening.

Upon their return home, they continued their relationship state-side, making it work despite their cross-country distance. After multiple visits to see one another, they quickly knew where this was going as everything clicked and fell into place.

Photographer Caroline Logan Photography | Dress Designer Casablanca | Place of Purchase Classic Weddings Bridal Salon | Veil, Jewelry Classic Weddings Bridal Salon | Shoes Nine West | Ceremony/Reception Venue, Catering, Florist The Loft at The Country Barn | DJ/Entertainment Services DJ Fade with Fade Productions | Videographer Kent Mast Photo Video | Cake Central Manor Bakery | Bridesmaids Dresses Designer JS Collections | Place of Purchase Dillard’s Department Store | Groomsmen and Groom Attire Van Heusen | Ties and Ring Bearer’s Bow Tie Tie Obsessed on Etsy | Makeup/Hair Artists Unfading Beauty Hair and Makeup+Designs to Go by Gina | Invitations Zazzle | Programs Carl Wilson