Dress Designer – Claire Pettibone

Absolutely loving the Claire Pettibone Romantique line of wedding gowns. Perfect gowns for the romantic bride of today! So many lovely and delicate details!
A little Moroccan villa, a touch English garden. Timeless with a vintage vibe
Polaroid-soft light and lavender fields. Graceful, poetic, bohemian wedding gowns
Made with love in Los Angeles ~ by Claire Pettibone



















Prairie Rose


Prairie Rose

















Wedding Veils and Bridal Headpieces by the Talented Jannie Baltzer


I love the lightness of Scandinavian nature & design and was inspired to combine the natural elements and beauty of a Swedish summer with a honeymoon feel. I imagined a couple Celebrating their wedding or honeymoon – just the two of them having the most wonderful time, feeling free, laughing and celebrating love. My 2016 collection is quite rustic with lots of texture and opulent Preciosa crystals, but still has a very light feel and it fits perfectly into the Scandinavian style. We were so lucky to shoot at Ystad Saltsjöbad – a very exclusive spa in Sweden where the feeling of wedding and Honeymoon was just perfect. This year’s collection is a tribute to Scandinavian style, lightness and design – simple yet with a boho feel.
jannie_baltzer_headpieces_001 jannie_baltzer_headpieces_002 jannie_baltzer_headpieces_003 jannie_baltzer_headpieces_004 jannie_baltzer_headpieces_005 jannie_baltzer_headpieces_006 jannie_baltzer_headpieces_007 jannie_baltzer_headpieces_008
Headpieces and Veils: Jannie Baltzer | Photographer: Sandra Aberg | Hair and Makeup: Mia Jeppson | Dresses: Yolan Cris | Rings: Ole Lynggaard | Location: Ystad Saltsjöbad Sweden

Beautiful Wedding in Lancaster Pennsylvania

This gorgeous wedding captured by the lovely Caroline Logan Photography is full of ruffles, lace, roses, and pearls. I just love the soft pink color palette, the little touches of blue, and of course, the rustic and vintage details throughout it all. Does it get any prettier? Wait until you see her very unusual and unique wedding ring! Amazing! Be sure to take a look at the bride and grooms chairs at the reception too. Love the fabric on those! You can also read the wonderfully sweet story below, about how the wedding couple met and fell in love.
caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-001 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-002 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-003 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-004 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-005 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-006 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-007 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-008 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-009 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-010 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-011 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-012 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-013 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-014 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-015 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-016 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-017 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-018 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-019 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-020 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-021 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-022 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-023 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-024 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-025 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-026 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-027 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-028 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-029 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-030 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-031 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-032 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-033 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-034 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-035 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-036 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-037 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-038 caroline-logan-photography-the-loft-at- the-country-barn-lancaster-pennsylvania-039


Brett + Becky

It was during the summer that she spontaneously made plans to spend twelve days in Spain visiting friends at a discipleship school she had previously attended. The summer that changed everything… in the most wonderful and glorious way possible. It was upon Becky’s arrival to Spain and days into the trip that she found herself meeting and getting to know the friendly, kindhearted man known as Brett McConnell. Both oblivious to what was happening in their hearts, they found themselves constantly drawn to the other throughout the week, sharing sweet and deep conversations and talking for hours on end. With just three days left before Becky was set to leave, Brett, who called New Mexico home, knew he had to act fast before this captivating woman slipped from his grasp in the form of a flight to her home in Pennsylvania. That very day he shared with her his desire to pursue a relationship with her.

The following day, they roamed a small town of Southern Spain for their first date, walking the cobblestone streets and exploring everything this charming town offered. After a day of adventure, they sat side by side, taking in a magnificent sunset together overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. As if this wasn’t enough of a fairytale beginning to their love story, they eventually heard stomping and realized there was flamenco dancers in the evening streets nearby. Later, as they continued to walk through the town, they came to another overlook where they could see the city lights twinkling below and a fireworks show going off in the distance. “So lost in each other, so smitten, and so overwhelmed by the goodness of the Lord” is the only way they could begin to find words to describe that magical evening.

Upon their return home, they continued their relationship state-side, making it work despite their cross-country distance. After multiple visits to see one another, they quickly knew where this was going as everything clicked and fell into place.

Photographer Caroline Logan Photography | Dress Designer Casablanca | Place of Purchase Classic Weddings Bridal Salon | Veil, Jewelry Classic Weddings Bridal Salon | Shoes Nine West | Ceremony/Reception Venue, Catering, Florist The Loft at The Country Barn | DJ/Entertainment Services DJ Fade with Fade Productions | Videographer Kent Mast Photo Video | Cake Central Manor Bakery | Bridesmaids Dresses Designer JS Collections | Place of Purchase Dillard’s Department Store | Groomsmen and Groom Attire Van Heusen | Ties and Ring Bearer’s Bow Tie Tie Obsessed on Etsy | Makeup/Hair Artists Unfading Beauty Hair and Makeup+Designs to Go by Gina | Invitations Zazzle | Programs Carl Wilson

Beautiful Meadow Wedding in Minnesota

This is one amazingly beautiful wedding! When I first saw these gorgeous images of Ashlee and Bennett’s wedding, taken by the very talented Paper Antler Photography, it made me wish I could get married all over again. I just love the lush meadow setting with the wildflowers, the large white farm house, and all the vintage details throughout the wedding. Everything looks so cozy and welcoming. I know you will enjoy looking all the lovely images as much as we did!
Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-001 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-002 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-003 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-004 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-005 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-006 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-007 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-008 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-009 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-010 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-011 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-012 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-013 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-014 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-015 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-016 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-017 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-018 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-019 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-020Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-021Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-022Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-023 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-024 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-025 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-026 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-027 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-028 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-029 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-030 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-031 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-032 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-033 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-034 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-035 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-036 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-037 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-038 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-039 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-040 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-041 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-042 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-043 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-044 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-045 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-046 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-047 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-048 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-049 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-050 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-051 Paper-Antler-Photography-Marine on St. Croix- Minnesota-052
Wedding Location: Marine on St. Croix, MN / Photographer: Paper Antler / Event Decor and Styling: Alisun Abbott / Flowers: St. Paul Farmer’s Market / Venue: Groom’s family home, Jackson Meadow / Wedding Dress: Allure Bridals / Bride’s Hair and Makeup: Ebony Davis of Bespoke Hair Artisans / Bridesmaids’ Hair and Makeup: Brian Graham Salon / Flower Girls’ Dresses: Zara / Groom’s Suit: Heimie’s Haberdashery / Wedding Caterer: Lancer / Pies: family friend / Ceremony Music: Joel Shapiro on guitar, groom’s father / Reception Music: Patty and the Buttons / Ceremony Benches: handmade by a friend of the couple / Table Arrangements and Decor: friends and family / Wedding Invitations: Minted / Videographer: LB Jeffries / Farm tables and chairs: Rudy’s Rustic Rentals

French Inspired Lavender Field Engagement Shoot

We have a very dreamy and romantic engagement session from destination wedding photographer, Sandra Aberg, to share with you all today. This french inspired theme was so perfectly put together, with lovely vintage heirlooms and lots of luscious lavender! Here are a few special details about how the session came together, written by the bride herself, Johanna.

Shortly after David proposed in Rome our thoughts turned to our wedding. We wanted it to reflect us, our love for each other and our interests, but also our gratitude to our families and friends. We simply wanted to make a big celebration of love. Therefore the theme “A Love Story”, which will be a recurring theme during the day, will be the feel in all the decorations.”
“We chose Sandra Åberg as a photographer for the session because we love her amazing way to capture the atmosphere, light and the romance her photos exude.
The tea cups in beautiful pastel colors that I inherited from my grandmother came in handy to have on the little table as we sat in front of the field in full bloom. Macaroons and my now empty box from Ladurée in Paris were like icing on the cake. I’m very fond of hydrangeas and so we put some in flour pitchers and in a wooden box given to me by my grandfather.”
“Other details that we had were the old letters which I tied together with a beautiful ribbon. The idea to have the letters came to both David and I, as we are interested in poetry, beautiful words and literature. We wanted to incorporate fine poetic pieces about love, and to have them in the table setting and contribute to our theme “A love story.” We found a large box of 100 year old letters at a flea market and were immediately hooked!” Everything worked out perfectly!
Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-001 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-002 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-003 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-004 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-005 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-006 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-007 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-008 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-009 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-010 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-011 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-012 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-013 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-014 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-015 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-016 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-017 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-018 Sandra-Aberg-Photography-French-Inspired-Vintage-Engagement-Shoot-019
Photography: Sandra Aberg Photography // Styling: Johanna and Sandra

Pretty in Pink Wedding at Three Sisters Bake in Quarriers Village, Bridge of Weir, Scotland

Just take a look at this stunningly gorgeous pink wedding that was captured by the very talented Craig and Eva Sanders Photography! The instant I saw it, I fell in love with everything about it, and I’m sure you will too! The wedding couple Nicole and Kris, found Three Sisters Bake, while attending a vintage inspired wedding fair. They found out the sisters of Three Sisters Bake held weddings at the old village hall above the boutique cafe they run, and were instantly excited by the idea of having the wedding there! Nicole and Kris worked alongside the cafe/hall owners to plan the wedding day, to make it really personal. Nicole had so many ideas of her own that she wanted to create herself. Nicole was inpired by everything romantic, soft and crafty, and was adamant that she wanted to make a lot of it herself. I’d say she did a fabulous job! Wouldn’t you? Nicole and Kris were married exactly one year after getting engaged! Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-001 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-002 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-003 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-004 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-005 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-006 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-007 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-008 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-009 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-010 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-011 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-012 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-013 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-014 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-015 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-016 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-017 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-018 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-019 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-020 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-021  Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-023 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-024 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-025 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-026 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-027 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-028 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-029 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-030 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-031 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-032 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-033 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-034 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-035 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-036 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-037 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-038 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-039 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-040 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-041 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-042 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-043 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-044 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-045 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-046 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-047 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-048 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-049 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-050 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-051 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-052 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-053 Craig-and-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Three-Sisters-Bake-Quariers-Village-Scotland-054
Venue: Three Sisters Bake // Photography: Craig & Eva Sanders Photography // Dress: La Sposa purchased from Diane Honeyman Bridal // Shoes: “Melissa” by Vivienne Westwood // Hair: Anne Marie McElroy // Groom’s Kilt and Accessories: Hector Russell // Flowers: Endrick Blooms

Columbia Kate’s Tea House, Bakery, & Boutique {Sonora Photography}

Meet Columbia Kate’s in Historic Columbia, California, with three wonderful stores to enjoy, the teahouse, the bakery, and the boutique. Columbia Kate’s Teahouse, set in an 1880’s period barn, features a delicious assortment of fresh homemade food, such as pot pies, sandwiches on homemade bread, a yummy variety of salads and soups, freshly made scones, her famous crème filled French macaroons, and of course the largest variety of tea you will find anywhere. She even makes gluten free baked goods. You can enjoy lunch in the lovely tearoom surrounded by tea treasures and décor, or enjoy eating out on the cozy enclosed patio. You can also pick up some loose tea to take home to enjoy, and maybe a lovely new teapot or tea cozy. Little girls can even make their very own unique button bracelet while there. It is so fun!

Columbia Kate’s Bakery is full of yummy fresh baked goodies and coffee, and is set in the cutest little old fashioned building. Pick something up on the go to enjoy now, or order something special for an upcoming party or event.

Then, make sure to also pop into Columbia Kate’s Boutique for the loveliest assortment of unique and wonderful items that you just can’t find anywhere else. She has the largest assortment of buttons you will find, handmade jewelry, fun socks, hats, ruffled scarves, vintage styled clothing, crocheted purses, embroidered dish towels, teacups, teapots, local art, and more. You can definitely count on finding the perfect gift here.

Columbia Kate’s even hosts small events, wedding lunches, bridal showers, and birthday parties. They are located at 22727 Columbia St in Columbia, Ca, and their phone number is 209-532-1885.

Here are some photos of the three shops and some of the lovely treasures you will find there.




























Venue (Restaurant, Bakery, & Boutique): Columbia Kate’s, Photography: Still Memories Photography